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Do you know the role of fitness?
- Jul 05, 2017-

Do you know the role of fitness?

First, the fitness long-distance running can improve the respiratory system and cardiovascular system Science and practice confirmed that a longer period of rhythm of the deep breathing, can make the body breathe a lot of oxygen, oxygen absorption if more than usual 7-8 times, you can inhibit the body Cancer cell growth and reproduction. Second, long-distance running exercise also improved the state of myocardial oxygen supply, speed up the myocardial metabolism, but also to myocardial muscle fibers thicker, increased cardiac contractility, thereby enhancing the ability of the heart work.


Second, the fitness long-distance running is conducive to disease prevention and treatment of fitness long-distance running to speed up the blood circulation, the excretion of harmful substances play a role in cleaning, so that harmful substances difficult to stay in the body and spread. According to the determination that 16 minutes run 3000 meters or 25 minutes to run 5000 meters, can reduce blood cholesterol. This is susceptible to varying degrees of hyperlipidemia in the elderly, and then cause hardening of the arteries, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease has a good preventive effect. The same time as the above-

Third, the fitness long-distance running is conducive to the ease of mind, the spirit of this long-distance race because it does not attach importance to the outcome of the game, only in a relaxed and happy fitness, so to ease the modern society and the high rhythm and intense mental psychological tension is very useful. According to medical experts, this relaxed and happy exercise can best promote the release of a peptide material in the body - inner bark, so that people have a sustained euphoria and sedative effect. In addition, because the long-distance running full of optimism, help to increase appetite, strengthen digestive function, promote nutrition absorption.

Long-distance running for the training of people to overcome difficulties, temper hard and hard will have a good effect. Especially for those who are afraid of sleep in the winter do not want to play hard to play a role in promoting, so that they tasted the benefits of fitness long-distance running.


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