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删除Do you know the origin of Christmas Eve?
- Dec 24, 2019-

Christmas Eve refers to the evening of December 24, which means Christmas Eve. The English name is ChristmasEve (Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve). Christmas Eve is also used to indicate the day before Christmas. Coincidentally, it is the same as the Chinese folk dust-cleaning festival. (December 24th, the summer calendar must be dust-cleaned in families in most parts of the country. Meaning "remove the old"), in old Europe, Christmas Eve is also a day to sweep the dust. This day is a very hard day especially for rural parents. They have to do many things for Christmas and New Year: busy working, caring for animals, cleaning the floor, washing kitchen utensils, roasting Christmas goose, making cakes, decorating Christmas trees, and presenting Christmas gifts ...

The culmination of Christmas Eve is an event at Christ Church. The mass on Christmas Eve is usually divided into two, one held at 9 to 10 pm to the congregation; the other is the mass at midnight, which is the climax of Christmas Eve. The Midnight Mass has ended at midnight, when Christmas is approaching, often accompanied by church bells, ringing forgiveness, blessing and joy and happiness to the world.

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