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Do you know that fitness makes you younger?
- Oct 16, 2017 -

The latest issue of the United States, "Neurology" magazine published a paper that the movement is not only fitness also brain, the elderly often engaged in running, aerobics and other high-intensity exercise can delay the brain aging.

Researchers at the University of Miami investigated the physical fitness habits of 866 adults aged 71 years old, then divided them into two groups, the first group of low-intensity exercise group, usually not exercise or only yoga, walking and other minor movements, the second group For the strenuous exercise group, often engaged in running, playing tennis, aerobics and other slightly vigorous exercise.


The researchers tested the volunteer's memory, thinking ability, and tested again five years later. The results showed that the volunteers who had the first test results were able to degrade the memory and thinking ability of the low-intensity exercise group much faster than the strenuous exercise group, the equivalent of 10 years. More importantly, the researchers took into account the smoking, overweight and other factors that affect the health of the brain, the results are still established.

Clinton Wright said: "Our findings suggest that high - intensity exercise may help the elderly delay brain aging.

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