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Do you know how to use IGF-1LR3 and storage methods?
- Jul 28, 2020 -


The most effective length for a cycle of IGF-1lr3 is 50days on and 20-40days off .

Take dosages ranging from 60mcg up to 120mcg per day in divided doses .one injection in the morning and again at bed time. Never exceed 120mcg in one day .

Dissolve each vial by 1ml of water for injection that comes with it. Inject twice daily.

Do not use Insulin for the nighttime injection of IGF1.by taking insulin in the morning you prolong the IGF1 half life to 12 hours and then take a 6 hour injection, you should be fine.


IGtropin IGF-1 is supplied in a box of 10vials of lyophilized powder for injections. each vial contains 100mcg and 1.0mg of Long R3 IGF-1.Shelf life for 24months.

Store at 2-8 oC,After Dissolve, keep at 2-8 oC and it is stable within 72 hours.


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