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Did your fitness meet the bottleneck?
- Sep 18, 2017 -

Did your fitness meet the bottleneck?

1 must ensure that the action norms

Action norms is one of the basic elements of the fitness effect, non-standard action even if the consumption of large physical strength will not be deep to stimulate the target muscle, natural muscle growth effect will not be good, while practicing the risk of deformed muscles The For example, when doing the bench press, the action is not standardized will lead to arm strength is too large, and the pectoralis major muscle is not deep to stimulate.

2 increase the load

Increasing the weight is one of the most direct and effective ways to stimulate the muscles, long-term use of a fixed weight way will make muscle adaptability. You need to step by step, there are plans to increase the weight to stimulate the muscles, usually every 2 weeks to try to increase the weight of 2KG, this varies with the physical quality of people To the basic action-based, the basic action to mobilize more muscle to participate in sports, try a greater weight, such as lying, squat, hard pull and so on.


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