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Did you know that hygetropin 100iu can also treat short stature?
- Jul 15, 2020-

                              Production Introduction                                           

Hygetropin 100iu/kit,200iu/kit is a hot sale brand of Growth hormone.Maybe you will ask what's Growth hormone?Human Growth hormone(HGH)  is secreted by the pituitary gland and is a peptide hormone consisting of 191 amino acids. It acts on the liver to produce growth hormone mediators. The growth hormone(Hygetropin) mediator is a group of peptides that directly stimulate bone growth. Growth hormone has a characteristic that it is secreted intermittently, while HGH mediators (IGF-1) are more stable. Each person's pituitary contains 4 to 8 mg of growth hormone. Normal adult plasma contains very little growth hormone, containing 3 to 5 nanograms per milliliter of plasma, but it has a great effect, and its most important physiological role is to promote bone growth.


Hygetropin 100iu


The increase in height depends on the growth(HGH) of long bones such as the upper limb bone and the lower limb bone. The end of these long bones has a special structure - the epiphyseal plate, also known as the growth plate which has many chondrocytes. Under the action and stimulation of growth hormone, It promotes chondrocytes continue to divide and proliferate, also promotes secrete collagen matrix and then calcify into bone. As a result, the long bones continue to grow toward both ends and the body continues to increase. People with more growth hormone secretion grow faster, and too much can cause giant disease or acromegaly. In normal body proportion and bone age behind more than 2 years. After treatment with growth hormone(Hygetropin,jintropin,kigtropin,rentropin...), the growth rate is accelerated and there is a catch-up phenomenon.

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