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Can DNP be used to lose weight?
- Nov 05, 2021 -

DNP can be used to lose weight, but it needs to be used correctly, and it is not suitable for everyone.

The DNP powder currently on the market will contain (5%~10% moisture), so that it is more suitable for storage and safer and more effective when used.

DNP powder starts at 4mg/kg bw per day, because novices should start with a low dose as much as possible to evaluate their tolerance to the drug. This safe dose should be used for at least a 3-day cycle, and then slowly increase the dose until the highest dose is 400mg per day. The way of use should also be two separate doses, once every 12 hours.


Because the use of DNP can cause water storage in the body, this problem is caused by T3 inhibition, so the body will look in a good state after the water storage in the body is metabolized 4 to 7 days after the completion of the cycle.


No fat loss can escape the cooperation of diet, and the same is true for DNP. So how should diet be done during DNP?


1. Start to reduce carbohydrate intake 3 days before starting DNP, because DNP needs 2 to 3 days to consume glycogen stored in the body, and then it can begin to effectively burn stored fat.


2. Once you start using DNP, you can follow the principle of 3:3:3 (33% protein, 33% fat, 33% carbohydrate), and maintain the previous calorie maintenance level. Restricting carbon water at this stage will put the body in a low blood sugar state, which is dangerous to the body and spirit. At the same time, DNP also mimics insulin, and transports glucose converted from fat to cells without glucose ingestion. This mechanism is certainly good for fat burning, but when the carbohydrate intake is too low, blood sugar will still be at a dangerously low level.


Don't worry about eating too much carbohydrate when using DNP, because carbohydrate cannot be stored after entering the body, and it will immediately be used as fuel to replenish cellular ATP. While keeping the total calorie level unchanged, it is best to increase the total intake of carbohydrate to 55%, protein 35%, and fat 10% (mainly unsaturated fat). The biggest benefit of increasing carbohydrate is to create a huge calorie gap in DNP. At this time, it can still ensure that the catabolism of muscle is at the lowest level.


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