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Among the well-known bodybuilding champions, who is purely natural without taking steriods ?
- Jan 29, 2019 -

For protein powder, I believe that most fitness people are familiar with it. As a protein supplement, has been loved and used by many fitness people. It is believed that the bodybuilders who use protein powder will find that when using protein powder, their muscles are indeed faster than those without protein powder. In the fitness circle, in addition to the protein powder artifact, there is also a muscle-enhancing artifact, that is, steroid drugs.

In fact, most bodybuilders use steroids to increase muscle strength. So what is the difference between the muscles that eat protein powder and the bodybuilders who use steroids?


People who use steroids grow muscles while lying down, but they also need to do fitness training. However, people who use steroids for fitness have better muscle-building efficiency than those who use protein powder for fitness. A lot higher, the steroid drugs used in fitness and muscle strengthening are all synthetic drugs of androgen. They have two main functions, one is to enhance the level of testosterone in the body, and the other is to improve the endurance of the body muscles.

The famous steroids star product include Testosterone Enanthate, Dianabol, Anavar, superdrol...and so on. If you have interesting, pls contact me any time.

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