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Aerobic exercise is the first choice for fat reduction?
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Aerobic exercise is the first choice for fat reduction?

When talking about weight loss, most people first reaction is aerobic exercise. It seems that aerobic exercise is synonymous with weight loss! But is he really so magical? Are aerobic exercise really the best choice for reducing your body fat?


In the sports world there: "Cardio does not burn fat. Muscle burns fat. Aerobic will not burn fat, muscle burning fat." - This is from the famous trainer John Meadows a famous quote!

When people want to lose weight, they also subtract the muscles, can not keep the amount of muscle, become only smaller one of their own but not as beautiful, fat and not minus how much.


Aerobic exercise can consume calories, but only for the moment!

Exercise intensity is low, the moment is the consumption of a part of the heat, follow-up without any contribution, will not cause post-combustion effect, it will not increase the muscles to enhance the body's ability to consume calories!

Smart to carry out anaerobic training, you can more quickly lose more fat, and at the same time increase muscle, let you improve basal metabolism. For the reduction of fat is a long-term significance!

And planned for anaerobic exercise, muscle strength training can help you better minus fat.


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