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Riptropin HGH (100iu/kit)

Riptropin HGH (100iu/kit)

Name:Riptropin hgh
Specifications: 10iu/vail, 10vails/kit, 100iu/kit(Accept OEM)
Purity:Reagent grade> 99.5%
Properties:Freeze-dried powder.
Delivery:within 3 working days (safe and fast shipment)

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Product Details

Product details

Other NamesHGH
AppearanceWhite Freeze-dried powder.
Min order quantity1KIT.
Quality standardEnterprise Standard
PackingAs your require
payment MethodBank Transfer Bitcion
StorageClosed, below 2 ~ 8℃ preservation
GradePharmaceutical Grade
Usage:Bodybuilding Muscle Gain and Eliminate the side effects of HGH.


Riptropin HGH (100iu/kit) is a peptide hormone composed of 191 amino acids. The human body is secreted by the pituitary gland. It is used for clinical treatment of growth hormone deficiency dwarfism, Turner syndrome, chronic renal failure, burns, major surgery and infertility. The purpose of bodybuilders using growth base is to: increase muscle texture and strength, expand the effect of steroids, and stably increase high-quality muscle.Growth hormone(hgh) can participate in various metabolisms.

9 major effects of growth hormone on bodybuilders:

1. Growth hormone(hgh)’s Fat-reducing effect:

Growth hormone can increase the oxidation of adipose tissue. HGH’s result is that fat is broken down into sugar and then the sugar is consumed by maintaining metabolism and exercise.

2. Promote the role of protein contracting

Growth hormone has the same protein assimilation effect as steroids, but the assimilation effect is weaker than steroids anabolic, so the effect of increasing dimension is not as good as steroids. The principle is to bind protein into muscle cells to repair muscle tissues and bring water and glycogen into muscle cells to increase muscle cells and increase leanness. weight.

3. HGH’s results for Increase muscle stiffness, angularity, density and quality:

Growth hormone can increase the split of muscle fibers. One muscle fiber can split into two muscle fibers. When the number of muscle fibers increases in body, the quality, water chestnut, density and hardness of the muscle will increase.

4. HGH’s Anti-decomposition effect:

BecauseRiptropin HGH (100iu/kit) can accelerate the division and renewal of muscle tissue, it can efficiently convert and utilize amino acids during the renewal process. Therefore, growth hormone has the strongest anti-decomposition effect and muscle growth hormone among the four major hormones.

5. Expand the effect of steroids:

The muscle building principle of steroids is to trap protein into muscle cells to repair muscle cells to increase muscle cell thickness, while growth hormone can increase muscle fibers. The more muscle fibers that can be thickened, the larger the muscle (a sufficient amount of growth hormone can Double the effect of steroids). In addition, the strong anti-decomposition effect of growth hormone + the strong synthesis effect of steroids = muscles will only synthesize but not decompose.

6. Strengthening effect:

The boosting effect comes from the combination of effects 2 3 4 5.

7. Repair soft tissue effect:

Long-term high-intensity strength training will inevitably damage the soft tissues around the joints. If the joints cannot be recovered well, it will inevitably cause pain. If the training is uninterrupted, the pain cannot be healed. This means that the trainer has to suffer from joint pain for a long time. Under the circumstances, insist on doing high-intensity training, the result is that either the injury continues to increase and destroys willpower or is forced to reduce the training intensity. Both of these points will stop the trainer from moving forward. The reason why professional bodybuilders can bear twice a day for a long time One of the important reasons for their strength training is because they use growth hormone with large doses of amino sugar for many years. Growth hormone is transformed into IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) by the liver. IGF-1 can effectively repair damaged soft tissues and mustard tissues at the edges of muscles. It is more effective than any Chinese medicine that promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis. It is a tangible effect! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (Taylor’s three years of natural muscle growth followed the pain of his wrist for three years. Every time he did a bench press, he was painful. After three months of using growth hormone, he recovered. He has been using growth hormone and never did it again. Growth hormone is right The ability to repair and proliferate the extremities is relatively strong. Simply put, the repair ability of the wrist and ankle joints is stronger than the repair ability of the lumbar spine. The growth of the muscles of the limbs is more obvious than the growth of the trunk. This is the theory of Adolf’s research. And found in a large number of cases)

8. Protect joints:

Growth hormone will increase the moisture around the joints. This is similar to Dika, but it does not have obvious subcutaneous water storage like Dika. This water storage phenomenon can prevent joint injuries during training and reduce joint wear.

9. Increase lean body mass effect:

The best effect of using Riptropin HGH (100iu/kit) alone can only increase lean body weight by about 10 kg a year. The weight gain is not much, but the lean body weight increased by growth hormone will never lose. It is not as easy to lose weight as steroids repeatedly. 10 catties of lean body mass can increase 50 catties of lean body mass in 5 years, but the reality is that most people only use growth hormone for one year and can’t afford it in the second year, because as the weight increases, the more the growth hormone is used, the greater the cost. The higher it is, most bodybuilding trainers can't afford this fee without sponsors, so growth hormone is mostly used for short-term c or preparations in amateur bodybuilding circles.

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