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Jintropin Hgh Bodybuilding Growth Hormone

Jintropin Hgh Bodybuilding Growth Hormone

Product name:Jintropin
Specification: 98%
Appearance: White lyophilized powder
CAS NO.:12629-01-5
Molecular Formula:C990H1529N263O299S7
Certifications: ISO, CQC...

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Side effects of human growth hormone HGH(somatropin):

On the whole, Jintropin Hgh Bodybuilding Growth Hormone is a very safe hormone drug for both men and women. It is a substance produced by your body itself. However, some side effects still exist. This includes edema in joints such as wrists and ankles, joint pain and headaches sometimes. Some people will have some flu-like symptoms in the early stages of use, but they will disappear very very quickly. It can also cause carpal syndrome, which is usually caused by water reactions when used in large doses. Hypothyroidism due to insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones may also occur. These side effects can be controlled by using liothyronine CYTOMEL, which is commonly referred to as T3 drugs. Some users may also experience nausea, dizziness, respiratory infections, and skin numbness. But in fact, the most common side effects are just mild edema, joint pain and headaches. Finally, human growth hormone may cause allergic reactions at the injection site. Usually there are small clumps and itching around the pinhole. So you need to find the most suitable injection site. But in fact, many people have achieved good results with continuous injections at the same site, which is manifested in the improvement of local lipolysis efficiency. Therefore, many male users choose to inject in the most fat part.

Q: What are the most serious side effects of using growth hormone(somatropin)?

A: Jintropin Hgh Bodybuilding Growth Hormone is very safe. There are no so-called serious side effects in fact. Maybe a small number of users will experience edema and pain at the local injection site when they first use it. Generally, they will disappear naturally when people continue to use it. It may appear when used in ultra-high doses for them.

jintropin 10iu

2. Specification:



English name

Recombinant Human Growth Hormone for Injection

Approval number





1. The dosage is different from person to person. Hypodermic recommended dose 0.1 iu/kg bw/day, in every night subcutaneous injection, injection site should be replaced each day to prevent adipose tissue atrophy, or as directed by physician.

2. Before using, will slowly add 1 ml of water for injection along the bottle wall freeze-dried rHGH, mild rocking-turn to dissolve.


Biological products

Dosage form

Freeze-dried powder injection

For external use




3. Function & Application of Glutathione:

1. In Cosmetics:

gensci hgh

2. In Fitness:

original jintropin

Summary of Human Growth Hormone HGH(jintropin):

Growth hormone HGH is the most effective type of hormone in the world, and it has very good effects in therapy and bodybuilding. Unfortunately, its role cannot be fully implemented due to many legal restrictions. In fact, human growth hormone(jintropin hgh) is much safer than traditional drugs. Fortunately, more and more people are now aware of this knowledge, and hope that human growth hormone therapy will be as popular as testosterone therapy in the near future.

As a good performance-enhancing tool, Jintropin Hgh Bodybuilding Growth Hormone has been misunderstood. Although a large dose is needed to bring about significant muscle growth(hgh), it does not mean that a small dose is ineffective in body. By using high-quality human growth hormone, we can ensure that as long as the use cycle is long enough, users will get good results after tale it. At the same time, the muscle growth it brings is easy to maintain, even if you stop using the muscles, it will not be lost quickly. It can be said that human growth hormone can be said to be a real value-for-money option. The final result will definitely satisfy you.

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