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Hygetropin HGH 200iu (8iu/vial,25vials/kit)

Hygetropin HGH 200iu (8iu/vial,25vials/kit)

Product Name:Hygetropin HGH
Other name:Somatotropin
Specification:200iu/kit (8iu/vial, 25vials/Kit)
Appearance:White Lyphilized Powders
Original country:China
Moq(min order quantity):1kit --200iu.
Delivery: within 3 working days.
Standard: Medical Grade.

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Product Details

Hygetropin HGH 200iu (8iu/vial,25vials/kit)

Product details

Product Name: Hygetropin HGH 200iu

Other name: Somatotropin

Specification: 200iu/kit (8iu/vial, 25vials/Kit)

Appearance:White Lyphilized Powders

Original country: China

Moq:(min order quantity):1 kit--200iu.

Delivery: within 3 working days.

Standard:Medical Grade.

Export Market:Global


Payment Methods: Western Union, Bank Transfer, MoneyGram.

Usage:muscle performance, anti-aging benefits and weight-loss,beauty.

Hygetropin 200iu.jpgHygetropin 200iu


Hygetropin 200iu per box is 8iu per vial,25vials per box.Hygetropin growth hormone is always used for lose weight,and gainning muscle.


1.Does hygetropin would be used for bodybuilding?

A:Yes...Hygetropin bodybuilding effect is very good.Hygetropin injection 8iu per vial,

2.Hgh hygetropin dosage?

A:Dosage is 8iu per vial,4 months one cycle.

hygetropin is the trade name of the drug, which is a biosynthetic analogue of natural growth hormone. Hygetropin is widely used in sports: it perfectly burns fat and helps gain muscle mass.

The main reason for Hygetropin therapy is the desire to help the body recover from injuries. This drug contains more than 190 essential amino acids. Human growth hormone is produced in the anterior part of the pituitary gland. This process depends on age, sex, psycho-emotional stress and physical activity. Being produced artificially, Hygetropin is completely identical to human hormone. It has been used in medicine in the treatment of growth retardation in children.

The main effects of Hygetropin therapy on the processes occurring in the body: increased protein synthesis and reduced catabolic processes. Hgh is responsible for rapid delivery of amino acids, vitamins, calcium. It also strengthens immunity, improves metabolism, and promotes cell renewal.

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Fitness Tips~~

Why are you not thin? 12 reasons why you can't lose weight

Everyone has their own standard of weight or health, but why can't you reach your goal!! Share your tips on weight loss now.

1. You are not eating enough!

That's right! Calories that reduce fat loss and reduce intake are a must. However, it is easy for us to reduce our heat. Suddenly we are determined to eat less. If we really eat too little or omit one of the three meals, your body will feel hungry because you eat less. Unpleasant, this will affect the normal functioning of the body and cause adverse effects on the body.

Many times it will cause afterwards: overeating, the body's metabolic rate is reduced...

Solve the small suggestions:

Going to understand your body first, doing simple tests to know what your body needs and what is superfluous, many things about your body are not based on the number of the body.

So understand your body and your own basal metabolism, and know the calories you want to take a day to adjust your diet. This is the first condition you want to achieve.

2. Or you eat the wrong thing..

Eating the wrong things is as scary as not eating them! Some people only care about the calories they eat in a day, but they ignore the importance of a balanced diet. This is a completely wrong idea, and it is also getting you farther and farther away from your goal. Murderer

Solve the small suggestions:

I suggest that you must balance a lot of goals in the diet. There is no healthy body. Don't forget the vegetables. Protein, starch intake, daily fruit, drink plenty of water~

If you are afraid that you don't know what you are eating, I suggest you choose a suitable APP to record the food you eat. You can also check your body changes and diet control every week.

3. Your amount of exercise is not enough

Maybe you have become a lot thinner because of diet control, but you can't get stuck with the goal until you get stuck.

We all know that to lose weight, we must "eat less and move more" and have to control diet and exercise. Sometimes it is really cruel. The lack of activity may be the main reason why you can't lose weight.

Solve the small suggestions:

I suggest that you have at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, the standard is about 240 minutes, but slowly step by step~

Strength is also very important. At first, try to make your exercise intensity more powerful and chat while doing it, then slowly pick up the strength. Please be careful when training. Every step and every action. I have to do it~ I don’t have to do it.

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