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Ansomone 100iu Hgh

Ansomone 100iu Hgh

Name:Ansomone 100iu HGH
One box:10iu/bottle,100iu/kit
Price:Would be negotiated
Min order quantity: 1 kit
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Product Details

Ansomone 100iu hgh

Nameansomone 100iu
AppearanceWhite Freeze-dried powder.
Min order quantity1KIT.
Quality standardEnterprise Standard
PackingAs your require
payment MethodBank Transfer Bitcion
StorageClosed, below 2 ~ 8℃ preservation
CertificationGMP, ISO 9001, USP, BP
GradePharmaceutical Grade
Usageansomone is used to treat GH deficiency (see Growth hormone treatment).

How should ansomone 100iu hgh be used?

Before use, add 1ml of water for injection slowly along the wall of the bottle to the lyophilized rhGH. Shake it gently to dissolve it completely. Do not violently oscillate.

1. The dosage used to promote the growth of children varies from person to person. The recommended dose is 0.1~0.15IU/kg body weight/day, once a day, subcutaneously, for 3 months to 3 years, or as directed by a doctor.

2. The recommended dose for the treatment of severe burns is 0.2~0.4IU/kg body weight/day, once a day, subcutaneous injection, and the course of treatment is generally about 2 weeks.

3. For fitness, promote muscle growth: The recommended dose is 5~10IU/day, once a day, subcutaneous injection, the course of treatment is generally 3 months to 1 year.

4. For weight loss, the recommended dose is 4~8IU/day, once a day, subcutaneous injection, the course of treatment is generally 3 months to 1 year.

5. For beauty, the recommended dose is 4~6IU/day, once a day, subcutaneous injection, the course of treatment is generally 3 months to 1 year.

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About Ansomone 100iu HGH:

Ansomone is one of the most famous HGHs in the world. Its manufacturer is a large Chinese company AnkeBio (Anhui Anke Biotechnology Company). The main role of using Ansomone is its ability to enhance strength training and burn subcutaneous fat, providing athletes with an outstanding look and help.

According to athletes, about 80% noticed an increase in dry muscle mass, while 85% of athletes noticed a role in burning fat. The only downside to Ansomone is its high cost, but we can give you the most competitive price and the purest quality.


More information for Ansomone HGH:

ansomone growth hormone

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