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Methenolone Acetate(Primobolan) Cas:434-05-9

Methenolone Acetate(Primobolan) Cas:434-05-9

Products name:Methenolone Acetate
CAS No:434-05-9
Einecs No:207-097-0
MOQ(Min order quantity):10grams.

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Product Details

Product details

NameMethenolone Acetate
Other namePrimonolan
Einecs No207-097-0
AppearanceWhite Or Almost White Crystalline Powder
Min order quantity10grams.
Quality standardEnterprise Standard
PackingAs your require
StorageShading, confined preservation.
GradePharmaceutical Grade
PackageIn foil bag or drum
AppearanceWhite Or Almost White Crystalline Powder
UsagePharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.
BenifitIncreased Strength, Reduced Body-Fat, Increased Recovery, Increased Sex Drive, A Greater Sense of Well-Being, Increased Energy, Greater Athletic Performance, Increased Levels of IGF-1, Bulking phases of training.


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1. What is primobolan acetate anabolic steriod?

Methenolone Acetate(Primobolan) Cas:434-05-9 is an anabolic androgenic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Its production is used to treat muscle loss diseases and prolong the action time of adrenal cortisol hormone. It has also been used to treat children and Premature babies are underweight and have not caused any harm, which also has a good effect on the treatment of malnutrition.

2. The function of primobolan acetate anabolic steriod:

Primobolan can speed up physical recovery,this function is very important for all the athletes.

Methenolone Acetate(Primobolan) Cas:434-05-9 anabolic steriod can increase the rate of protein synthesis, which means that cells will produce more protein, which is conducive to muscle growth.

It can increase the nitrogen retention rate, which indicates that muscles are less likely to be lost, and the body is in a positive nitrogen environment.

Primobolan acetate anabolic steriod can increase the number of red blood cells, which shows that the oxygen content in the blood is increased, which leads to the improvement of muscle endurance.

It can combine with male hormones to increase metabolism by promoting fat burning.

It can improve human immunity, which is also very good for athletes.

Primobolan acetate anabolic steriod can improve strength, explosive power, and muscle endurance, although the effect is not as good as most other steroids because it is a mild steroid.

3. How to use

Oral Methenolone Acetate(Primobolan) Cas:434-05-9 is a very good choice for female users.

Male users can achieve good results at a dose of 50-75mg, and usually use a dose of 100-150mg to improve sports performance. Female users are also safe within 25-50mg.

Its usual use cycle is 6-8 weeks, and it is generally best to keep it within a safe range.

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