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What is a protein expression system?
- Jul 07, 2017 -

Protein Expression System Overview:

A protein expression system refers to a system consisting of a host, a foreign gene, a vector, and an adjunct. Through this system can achieve the purpose of expression of foreign genes in the host. Generally consists of the following parts:

1, the host. An organism that expresses a protein. Can be bacteria, yeast, plant cells, animal cells and so on. Due to the different characteristics of various organisms, suitable for the expression of protein types are not the same.

2, carrier. The type of the carrier matches the host. According to the host, it is divided into prokaryotic (bacterial) expression vector, yeast expression vector, plant expression vector, mammalian expression vector, insect expression vector and so on. The vector contains a foreign gene fragment. By vector-mediated, exogenous genes can be expressed in the host.

3, auxiliary ingredients. Some expression systems also include ancillary components that assist the carrier into the host. Such as baculoviruses in baculovirus expression systems.


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