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Do you need Testosterone enanthate to lose weight?
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Do you need Testosterone enanthate to lose weight?

The Testosterone enanthate is male hormone drugs,and it will help you to lose fat and and anti-aging.The testosterone  Propionate is the same function.The most stronger male hormone drugs is testosterone mixed,it's called sustanon 250.Most of the Fitness and Bodybuilder are very like the testosterone 250,because the effect is very obvious.

Do you know how does the testosterone enanthate raw powders looks like?The pic  is as followings:

testosterone Enanthate 1_副本.jpg

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When you are fitness, the demands of Testosterone Enanthate Sustanon 250Trenbolone EnanthateOxymetholone (anadrol) Are More Than Usual.

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